Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spain's Olympic Basketball Team Fouls Out with Ad

From The Guardian

"Spain's Olympic basketball teams have risked upsetting their Chinese hosts by posing for a pre-Games advert making slit-eyed gestures. The advert for a courier company, which is an official sponsor of the Spanish Basketball Federation, occupied a full page in the sports daily Marca, the country's best-selling newspaper."

As a kid, I remember this thing some of the other students used to do where they would do the same gesture as a way to tell the difference between the Japanese and Chinese. Though I didn't know about stereotypes or political correctness at the time, I had a feeling that it was pretty pointless and dumb.

Congratulations! You have now confirmed my elementary school hunch.


Skye said...

Spain still has problems with race. They throw bananas at Thierry Henry.

The Turks are pretty bad, too.

Goose said...

There was also an incident earlier in the year with some fans shouting racial slurs at Lewis Hamilton during testing at Barcelona.