Saturday, August 16, 2008

And then there was one and he had eight.

All week I've been making fun of a 12-year-old girl for wanting to marry Michael Phelps. Then this happened:
Congratulations, Michael. Speedo's giving you a million bucks and you have your pick of underaged girls. Make wise decisions (no more DUIs!) and just keep swimming.

He's certainly the greatest swimmer of all time (he locked that up in Athens as far as I'm concerned), greatest Olympian of all time, and by the time he retires I'll wager he'll be considered the greatest athlete of all time.

I am proud to be an American.


Goose said...

I had tears in my eyes when they played the anthem. It felt so good.

Skye said...

I wanted to see Michael cry. I've been waiting YEARS to see him cry on the medal stand. All I ever get are wet eyes. Even when he's with his mom!

Such a disappointment.


Grif said...

"I'll wager he'll be considered the greatest athlete of all time."

I find it very hard to believe he could be better than Ichiro Suzuki, who could hit a home run whenever the hell he wanted to!!!

Or David Tyree who unselfishly saved all the awesome grabs that other "athletes" waste on less meaningful games for one play!

Rook said...

To me, Michael Phelps really made this Olympics. I know it isn't over yet, but I seriously doubt we're going to witness the kind of history that was provided by the winning of those eight gold medals.

Truly amazing.