Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Epic Baseball Week: Day Two

The Astros won 12-4 against Tim Lincecum. They only got the win after they tried to take out the kid's kneecaps though. As the runs started piling on and those around me commented on the Astros offense being "good," I said, "Welcome to the Giants bullpen."

Update on the physical tolls of aspiring to seven games in seven days: the jetlag is killing me slowly. I first noticed it when I was taking a picture of Barry Zito holding my stuffed dolphin and the shakes overtook me. I had to lean back because hello, I am short and not only is Zito tall, but the field has a couple inches on the spectator portion of the building, and my abs decided to rebel. Thus, Zito's face is a funny-looking mess. Some would say that's normal.

Apparently, asking a baseball player to take a picture with a dolphin is a strange request met with an apprehensive look. I said, "Swisher did it" and that must be the key phrase. "Oh, Swish did it? I love that guy." I think Zito has more fans in Houston than he does in San Francisco.

The difference between Zito and Swisher? After finding out that Snorky is good luck, Swisher rubbed the dolphin all over his body. Zito was just kind enough to avoid getting Sharpie on it.

Omar Vizquel came over to sign after a woman from Venezuela yammered on at him in Spanish.

A kid got a ball signed and asked, "Who ARE you?" Vizquel, always (?) the comedian, said in his highly-accented voice, "Barry Bonds." He then walked away.

In other sports-related news, Michael Phelps (please, do we have to keep using his last name? Let's just call him Mike. Yeah. I went there!) won his fourth and fifth gold medals of this Games, making him the most championest Olympian of all time. He has no finals tonight, but he does swim a semi-final in the 200IM, a race Ryan Lochte thinks he can win. I love the kid's optimism, but ... really? When a guy breaks a world record in the 200 fly with his goggles full of water (yes, young swimmers, it even happens to Mike!), it's going to take more than Jon Horton-like confidence to win it.

And Natalie Coughlin is half Filipino.

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