Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Night Baseball Live Blog Dodgers-Phillies

I know I'm cutting it close with these but trust me, I'll make up for it during the notes. At least, that's my hope. The Phillies look to continue the recent stretch of offense that, as mentioned numerous times during last week's coverage, struggled. The Dodgers try to win this game with the hope to split tomorrow behind Kuroda. (edit: stupid wrap around series)

- Oh good, a montage. Yay!

- Hmm, for some reason, the FanGraphs log for this game isn't up yet. My people want to see graphs, darn it!

edit: Here it is!

- Does anyone else see Scott Elarton with Blanton's motion?

- I wonder where the Dodgers would be without that old scout.

- Darn Olympics screwing up my sleep schedule. X( Good thing they're before classes start or else I'd go mad, hehe. Not that I mind given what I've watched.

- Oh noes! What happened to "slidepiece"? You're moving away from your bread and butter, Joe! *tries not to fall out due to sleepiness*

- High stress inning for Blanton. It's innings like that which make it tough for starters to compile complete games these days. This is where pitch count matters more so than total pitches. That's not to say that total pitches don't matter but the manner that they are compiled is the key.

- Haha, I knew something was up with that plate appearance. Nothing like the 5-ball walk.

- Why do I get the feeling I've seen this before from the Mets?

- To borrow Grif's wording, "Just because" -

- Ahh, running sausages. *pinches self* Yup, still awake.

- On that note, congrats to the Hawaii LL for winning the LLWS. In their honor, Victorino takes a walk.

- That swing was fugly to be kind.

- Yes, I'm still awake. Barely though. :)

- Ah yes, the arbitrary nature of numbers. I mean, it's pretty nice that Martin is linked with future HOFer Pudge Rodriguez but that reeks "cherry picking".

- Aggh, attack of the misplaced production graphic!


- Good play by Manny. Not that I don't believe Joe, but that's an awfully small sample to consider someone who's traditionally been a below average fielder will make a run at the Gold Glove. Heck, even if Manny were Yaz out there, it's pretty tenuous.

- Don't waffle on me, ESPN. Either be subtle with your upcoming events graphic or go full screen.

- Anyone remember that ESPN: the Magazine commercial with Jeff Kent? Apparently, neither does he so he hits into the GIDP.

- I think those Scream masks were cool 10 years ago. Now? It's a bit cliched. It jumped the shark.

- "He's like Manny Ramirez." Yeah, they're so alike that it's scary.

- Good 3-2 pitch to Ramirez.

- Victorino choosed correctly and makes the play.

- Howard with the excellent play to end the inning and most likely Blanton's night.

- Phew, I felt the wind from that whiff. Wait, nevermind. The fan in the room is on. :P

- My guess is that Myers isn't giving Blanton hair care tips.
edit: Nope, he just told Myers, "I'll show that Goose!"
edit 2: "Ah shucks, why did you do that to me, Charlie?"

- Good play by Nomar. What a peak he had before that wrist surgery in '01. He wasn't bad after that but the couple of years preceding were special.

- I see Big Helmet got picked off. Sorry about that, nature called. Somehow, I managed not to miss much. Thank Matt Kemp!

- Good read by Ethier. Pretty good play by Ruiz to make that close.

- Kent with the two-out single scoring Ethier. 2-1 Dodgers.

- Here's one thing that has bothered me: why would Major League Baseball decide to advertise MLB.TV on MLB.TV? Isn't that preaching to the choir? Exactly how does this help grow the brand? At least they had it on ESPN just now.

- I see Feliz has honed in on his plate discipline.

- OT: Just me speaking but does anyone else feel weird seeing Mao loom behind Bob Costas?

- Neat plays by Burrell and Howard right there.

- Here's Hong-Chi Kuo reprising the role of Scott Proctor and any number of relievers of Torre teams.

- 778 PAs = everyday leadoff hitter on a top offense. That's pretty much it, lol.

- Here's another "What's the point of that?" (aside from me doing these note): showing the score of the game we're currently watching on the ESPN bottomline. Still not getting that.

- Remember how I mentioned the danger of the high stress inning? Boom! (yeah, yeah, post hoc ergo propter hoc, I know. Still fitting)

- Victorino with the leadoff single.

- So a slider?

- I happen to call that the "reach and preach".

- Man, Andy Tracy is still around?

- Wait, that's an old line? Hmm, who knew Broxton already took up some mythic proportions.

- Game tied. 2-all. Nothing more. First extra inning game for the live blog. YAY!

- Bases loaded for the Dodgers, none out. They lose two outs on a DP and the Martin flies out. I've seen that situation in some permutation with my team.

- Heh, a longtime Dodger coaching for the Phillies and a longtime Phillie coaching with the Phillies.

- Beimel : attack of the LOOGY! Attack of the pickoff move.

- He really kicked it up a notch after reaching 1st. *rues being stuck checking out Gameday right when the game is getting good*

- Hamels, FTW? Nope. Feliz, FTW? Yes. 5-2 Phillies win in 11.

Now I sleep. See you next week!


Grif said...

I interupt this baseball to point out the NFL Network is currently using a booth of Sterling Sharpe, Deion Sanders and Marshal Faulk.

It's epic.

Goose said...

I'm one of the poor saps without NFL Network. Grr!

Wow, that was not well played by Burrell.