Friday, August 22, 2008

Everyone and Their Mothers May Have Been Right

So sayeth ESPN.

Or, at least, the IOC thinks there's enough of a possiblity they're looking in to it further. They're still playing dipolmatic.

"We believe the matter will be put to rest and there's no question ... on the eligibility," [IOC spokeswoman Giselle] Davies said. "The information we have received seems satisfactory in terms of the correct documentation -- including birth certificates."

Not much to expand on this, we all sort've saw it coming. While Bela Karolyi's tirade may have been a bit misplaced on air, he did say what we all assumed (I think, still not sure he wasn't talking about donut recipes). I think the question was just whether or not the IOC would do anything about it and risk pissing China off.

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Skye said...

FIG are a bunch of pansies. "We're going to make an age limit, then require passports as the only documentation and THEN not even lift an eyebrow when the shit hits the fan."

And the IOC aren't much better. However, maybe the Court of Arbitration for Sport will get it right, like they did in the Paul Hamm case.