Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Has anyone heard anything about Brett Favre lately? I haven't seen or heard anything on him lately and can't find any updates.

Feedback would be welcome.


Rook said...

Bye, Bye, Brett

"Mike McCarthy spoke publicly on Tuesday. He made two things clear: Aaron Rodgers is his starter; Brett Favre's future is not in Green Bay. So, now what?"

Just posted on ESPN.com

Grif said...

Yo, thanks. The man doesn't get enough coverage.

Get on it, ESPN!

Rook said...
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Rook said...


That's me comletely missing the "oversaturation" concept.

Anyways, Favre will reportedly be playing for Tampa Bay. Weird.

Skye said...

Imagine you were overseas without TV or internet access from the time before he tried to unretire until now.

Then you get home, turn on ESPN, and see, "BRETT FAVRE TRADED TO JETS."