Monday, August 11, 2008

Extreme Hyperbole Alert

Chris Berman just now on the Monday Night Football half-time show:

"We thought the Green Bay Packers could never go on without Brett Favre. A lot of people thought that was the case."

This was said completely seriously without a hint of being a joke or intentionally over-the-top. I know it's Berman, so I shouldn't be shocked, but this is just SO ridiculous I am.

I mean, really, I guess maybe I was the crazy one for not thinking this 753 year-old franchise with 1,582 championships and 52,000 (rounded) Hall of Famers and a fan base stretching from the North Pole to the Former Planet Pluto would just have to disband without BRETT FAVRE, but I don't think so. Nevermind the fact that if that were true, would HALF of a PRE SEASON game be enough to conclude it's not?

Seriously. Gag me. Or kill me. Both of those seem easier than changing the channel away from ESPN, something I'm strangely unable to do.

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Rook said...

Well who would've thought the Cardinals could ever gone on without Ozzie Smith?

The Red Sox without Clemens?

The Braves without Maddux?

The Lakers without Magic?

The Spurs without Gervin?

The Cowboys without Aikman? Without Smith???

I don't know how any of these teams ever survived. In fact, I'm pretty sure none of these teams ever made the playoffs again.