Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Night Baseball Live Blog Cardinals-Cubs

Welcome to this NL Central match up and not to mention my first post on this blog. I'll be keeping track of some of the nuances of this game as well as some of ESPN's "analysis", good and bad. My fellow authors will join in the fun as well.

-Who would have guessed Joe wasn't big on stats?

-I can give ESPN credit for this: they have better scouting reports than the YES Network.

-As much as I think that strikeouts aren't the big evil some people think it to be, it's amazing he's so productive and can work plenty of walks yet not have the high strikeout totals of most others with high walk totals.

-This may just be me but having a microphone on the bases just doesn't add to my enjoyment of the game.

-There's the obligatory "the Molina brothers can't run" mention. Always helpful. :)

-What a jump by Kennedy.

-"Scouting reports tell you a lot about the pitcher." Isn't that the point of a scouting report?

-Woot, gas money from Jon and Joe!

-Here comes the future HoMer (Hall of Merit-er) Jim Edmonds. He crushed the ball all the way to deep center. To be serious, check out his rate stats. He's been very good.

-Not since Ron Santo's victory heel click or Sammy Sosa's home run hop has leg work been a bigger deal.

-Can those montages be any more melodramatic?

-Oh yes, "the club". That is another whole post altogether. Maybe later. ;)

-"Banzai!" *laughs at Jon Miller's momentary awkward silence after that comment*

-Very nice catch by Edmonds. HoMer!

-Speaking of nice plays, no wonder Glaus has shown so well defensively in stats detailing range.

-They've been pitching away to Pujols all night. I don't see what is so special about this situation that they decide to change from a plan that they haven't really deviated from in the first place. (before you say anything: yes, broadcasting is harder than it looks. I tried a mock broadcast at the Fan Fest this year and I certainly botched it badly. Having said that, I'm not a professional.)

-Dempster is sure working that "slidepiece" to great effect.

-Jon, Joe: please don't try to talk racing. You'll just embarrass yourselves. Then again, ESPN is not the source for great racing analysis of any kind.

-Soriano on the first pitch (career, before tonight): .405/.416/.755 in 610 PA with 46 HR. I would say that's not bad at all.

-There's the Joe Morgan staple: belabor a point regardless of how right or wrong he may be. A perfect example would be the discussion of a disputed HR call during the Mets-Yankees Sunday Night game earlier this year.

-Villone: the designated well-traveled lefty. Let's hope that Carpenter is alright.

-Kennedy channels his inner Leon Durham (oh great, now I'm doing it, too).

-Shuffles must love the 5-run inning his team got just now.

-Trying to steal a base down six? I never thought that to be great strategy.

-I'm a bit surprised they didn't start playing the Notre Dame fight song. Maybe I'm thinking about FOX.

-It's strange watching Wilbon speak to someone without Kornheiser yelling back.

-It should not be that surprising Red Sox fans are about in an away series. You know better, Jon.

-I don't know what is worse: listening to bad analysis (not specific to this game) or listening to one's mother singing an Isaac Hayes (RIP) song off key.

Cubs win 6-2.

FanGraphs plot: Plots 'R Us


Grif said...

Re: Troy Glaus Fielding

According to TotalZone, he saved 16 runs in 2000, so good fielding isn't foreign to him. He also had a -11 in 2003, so bad fielding isn't foreign to him.

Prior to this year he's been negative exactly as often as he's been positive, so maybe he's just inconsistent, I have no idea what to make of that. It's kind've weird.

Who did he replace in St. Louis? I think they had a decent fielder before him at third, but I could be wrong. . .

Grif said...

That 16 in 2000 lead all 3B in baseball by at least four runs.

The -11 in 2003 was better only than Ty Wigginton's -13.

Grif said...

Someone explain to me this conversation about "swing through" vs. "swing and miss."

I don't know if I understand that. . .

Goose said...

Wow, that was a superb play on Molina's grounder. See, the info on Molina's speed was worth it!

As far as the man at 3rd before Glaus, you could say he fielded his position well. I mean, you hardly hear about it. :P

Grif said...

What is wrong with Cardinals pitchers? I don't think any of them pitched for Dusty Baker when they were younger.

Grif said...

It's going to be a while before hearing "Samardjiza" in reference to baseball doesn't sound weird to me. I double-take every time.

No, I don't think I spelled it right.

Grif said...

Juvinille Comment Alert!

Ever look at what the chant "FUK-U-DO-ME!" looks like written out?

Goose said...

*tee-hee, tee-hee*