Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Night Baseball Live Blog Phillies-Padres

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the SNB Live Blog. Cole Hamels will start for the Phillies as they try to keep pace with the NL East leading Mets while the Padres, with Cha Seung Beak starting, look to end the season on a high note.

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- BBTN note: even including the fact that Garret Anderson has played 300 more games that Tim Salmon, I'm not seeing how Anderson was better.

Salmon: .282/.385/.498/128
Anderson: .296/.327/.469/105

edit: I am amazed at how rarely Anderson gets plunked.

- Joe, you do realize that Rollins had a career year last year, right? I'm not saying he's unimportant but how about the fact that Ryan Howard has a .321 OBP? How about Utley having an OPS around 800 the past 6 weeks which says a lot about Utley that it's disappointing? How about Pat Burrell having his first bad month of the season? They put their (less than informative) stats right there. That's not to mention Lidge's shoulder issues early this month.

- I still don't like the look of those special Padres unis.

- Giles with the rainbow throw. Rollins is safe. 1-0 Phils.

- Is it me or has Joe taking inordinately long pauses so far? I know all about taking long pauses as I'm no master orator.

- You have to love that brotherly connection. Speaking of which, it's pretty interesting how the brothers Gonzalez came about into big league life. Adrian was a former #1 overall pick in the amateur draft while Edgar was selected in the 30th round by the Rays (then Devil Rays).

- Here comes Cole Hamels. I remember seeing Hamels pitch against the Yankees in spring training. I was quite impressed by his command and the action on his changeup.

- That was quick. :P

- Heh, they're talking about my observation now. Hire me, ESPN. ;)

- The Padres have the worst kind of offense: one that doesn't get on base and can't run the bases all that well. Speed is pretty useless if you can't get on. Joey Gathright can attest to that. They're not even scoring on the road all that well. That is somethng Padres teams of recent vintage had at least been able to do.

- Some play by Utley to get the forceout.

- In Williamsport, Orestes Destrade is hoping to see Werth hit a home run in the faint hope of seeing his mom.

- That was...interesting. Good thing Giles is alright from first look.

- Nice hitting by Baek. Now he's trying to steal 2nd.

- People may differ on who should be an All-Star but I would think the first half of the season would play into things at some point. I still think Burrell should have made the team this year. Wow, talk about getting on top of a high pitch.

- The Gonzalez connection again!

- Just not enough carry on that ball by Kouzmanoff.

- Hamels is having a Maddux-like outing so far. At least, Maddux of recent vintage. Also fitting considering the lack of support in recent games for Hamels in the same way Maddux had trouble getting wins despite decent pitching.

- Jon, give it up. You just can't win.

- Baek: proof that one can get a 5th starter on the cheap (sorry, Andy) :(

- Switching quickly to Olympic coverage: Lauryn Williams has a BIG dog.

- Where's Gary Thorne to say "kick save and a beauty"?

- Could his voice get any higher when he said "A-Rod"? I don't know what to make of that.

- Burrell showing off the power. 2-0 Phillies.

- My mother says that Shane Victorino looks a bit like Derek Jeter. I'm not seeing it. Do you?

- Grr, it's annoying when Pitch F/X on Gameday gives out.

- Odd play on that ball by Utley. Now the other Chase (Headley) makes them pay with an RBI single. 2-1.

- I remember Mike Adams when he was with the Brewers. That's all I have, lol.

- While I do consider myself a bigger fan of the AL, it's pretty cool seeing both pitchers get a hit.

- Hmm, I didn't know SAS was a third base coach.

- Oh yeah, now I really remember Mike Adams. While they haven't done all that well this year or in the draft the past few years, you have to say that Kevin Towers has done a nice job. Also cool that DePo has a blog as well.

- Yup, that would be a bad sign to be in the same breath as Joe Charboneau. Even worse, I don't remember Jody Gerut getting his own song. At least he seems to have found a nice place.

- We wouldn't expect anything less, Joe. While I'm not big on boxscore stats for player evaluation, they are still stats. They record what happened. No need to form a dichotomy.

- What a sequence by Ledezma.

- Speaking of which, there's that magic changeup to Giles.

- I can't believe this is the first time I've heard Hamels talk. Not sure what I expected him to sound like but not that. Nothing sarcastic, just random musing (as if the rest isn't ;) ).

- Hmm, I never knew Falkenborg threw that much gas. No wonder: his average fastball velocity has gone up 3.3 mph from last year

- Heh, didn't expect the live blog to be this long.

- There's that famous slider.

- It's games like this (Hamels going a strong 8 innings with under 100 pitches thrown) where the whole pitch count debate rages.

- Nice correction, Jon. Lidge knows all about ugly sliders.

- Game over. Phillies win 2-1. I hope you enjoyed the game and this blog.

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