Saturday, March 14, 2009

Geek Out

Remember that video I took of the MLB Network and put up on this blog?

Well, I went by it today and saw 633 new clicks in "statistics," and when I looked at the URL. . . it was none other than the best baseball writer himself! Joe Posnanski linking to my video that I merely ripped from TV using a digital camera!

Okay, it's a small thing, but I still think it's awesome. And, more importantly, Joe broke down and addressed the video far better than any of us could. So you really should read his take.

You should also read his story on Albert Pujols in this week's Sports Illustrated.

Side Note: there are 85 clicks from this blog. Do we really have 85 readers? Why are you people not commenting?


Rook said...

I don't really think you can put into words how awesome this is.

It's like when Bill Plaschke admitted to a camera that he liked eating penis. That's how awesome it is. I think that's as best I can describe it.

Grif said...

Bill Plaschke muches cock?

Oh man it feels good to write that after refraining in the actual post.

Goose said...

On yesterday's Around the Horn, they were talking about Henrik Stenson taking off his clothes to make a shot in a muddy area. Plaschke criticized him for that and then Paige recalled how Plaschke once went out to a nude beach.

Munching on penis and nude beaches. I now know too much about Mr. One Sentence Paragraph. Speaking of which, there's a piece by him I should discuss on here.