Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why Dusty Baker Should Not Be Allowed to Manage A Professional Baseball Team: Reason #2

He saw fit to play Corey Patterson in 133 games last season.

-0/9 UZR
48 OPS+
.250 WOBA
-1.2 WAR
.205 EQA
-11.9 BtWin
-29.9 BtRns

This man put up these numbers over the course of ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-THREE GAMES! During the midst of this impressive .238 OBP campaign, Baker allowed Patterson to have 155 plate appearances (32 starts) in the leadoff spot as well. I guess I know why Dusty isn't a fan of those "base-cloggers", he prefers the players that presume not to get on base AT ALL.

I wonder if he encouraged the GM to make a push for Scott Podsednik over the winter.

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Grif said...

I'm sure he's learned his lesson. Willy Taveras seems like the solution.