Thursday, March 19, 2009

AtH Bracket Competition Day 1

Not much to report today in the AtH contest to see who can correctly guess the random outcome of a single elimination tournament involving 63 games played by college kids. Especially since day 1 is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme.

Skye, as girls tend to do, takes the early lead, having picked 14 of 16 games right today. She tripped up on picking VCU in the upset and, just like everyone, Butler over LSU. Andy went 12/16 while Goose and I both went 11/16. None of this really matters, though, since a 3 point spread is tiny and none of us lost a single Sweet 16 team. Though I pushed it with my "I don't want to be boring" UCLA Final Four pick getting pushed to the wire.

I was going to post pictures, but it didn't want to work and I'm tired.

There will be another live blog tomorrow.

Good night, everyone.

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