Saturday, March 21, 2009

After the first round. . .

Still no fancy bracket pictures, but I do bring more updates on the AtH bracket challenge. After the first round, our standings are:

  1. Skye 25/32 (154 Points Remaining)
  2. Andy 24/32 (158 Points Remaining)
  3. Goose 23/32 (152 Points Remaining)
  4. Grif 21/32 (156 Points Remaining)

So not much separatin yet, with Andy looking to be the front runner so far. I lost on last second shots over Tennessee and Utah State in the span of a couple minutes, a melt down by West Virginia and two over-time games, and I know I wasn't alone, so that was frustrating. I lost my first two sweet 16 teams in the final games thanks to a 13 over a 4 and FSU's poor shot selection. Oh well.

Wrong Picks

  • Skye: Wake Forest, Boston College, Temple, Steven F. Austin, VCU, FSU
  • Andy: Utah, WVU, BYU, Utah State, FSU, Butler, Illinois, Clemson
  • Goose: OSU, Wake, WVU, BYU, Cal, Clemson, Illinois, Butler, Tennessee
  • Grif: OSU, Wake, WVU, BYU, Utah State, Cal, Tennessee, FSU, Butler, Illinois, Clemson

As mentioned, I lost my first two sweet 16 teams in the last group of games in Wake and FSU, while Skye lost the same two as well as Cinderella attempt Steven F. Austin. Andy is in the best shape, losing only Utah out of his teams to survive the weekend. Goose only lost two in Wake and WVU, but he had WVU making it to the Elite Eight.

It's sad to have the best two days of the best weekend in sports gone. I have no clever remarks.

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Rook said...

I really wish I would've made time to do a bracket. I'm confident that had I done one this year, I would have predicted every single game right thus far.