Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Breaking News: Woody Paige Says Something Smart

As I’m sure you’ve heard over ESPN and countless other sports media, Jay Cutler wants out of Denver. The situation is ridiculous on multiple levels. First off is McDaniels willingness to trade Cutler for Cassel. Why do this? Jay Cutler is one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, and put up a pro bowl season last year after leading the AFC in passing. He wanted to establish his presence as the head coach and show the team who‘s the boss. Unfortunately, you probably don’t want to do it by alienating your offensive star.

Cutler isn’t innocent in this either. While its understandable that he was angered by the trade talks, what he has done since the initial report came out is unacceptable. He has said he loves playing in Denver, so now why does he want out? Wouldn’t it be the ultimate form of “I-told-you-so” to stay in Denver and show McDaniels he shouldn‘t have tried to trade him for Cassel? Cutler doesn’t actually want to leave Denver, he just doesn’t want to back down because he has a head harder than steel reinforced carbon fiber.

Cutler doesn’t want to look like he gave in to McDaniels and make it seem like he thought the trade talk was alright, and McDaniels doesn’t want to make it look like he backed down from Cutler’s challenge. Yesterday on Around The Horn, Woody Paige put it fairly accurately when he said, “There’s too much testosterone in the room. Everyone wants to think they won.” He’s right(Which is really scary. I was expecting Ragnarök or Revelation after he said it). McDaniels and Cutler need to let the entire thing be and come back when they’re ready to stop acting like stubborn children.

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