Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tim Kurkijan Loves Hockey

ESPN game one preview on the Dodgers/Cubs series, with Tim Kurkijan.
Host: Chicago's going with Ryan Dempster, why is he the right choice?

Tim Kurkijan: He is the perfect choice for a lot of reasons. He's a free-spirited guy, he's a hockey player, he skates with NHL hockey teams in the off-season, he's got a different look on life than most people I know, and he lives about four blocks from Wrigley Field. He walks to the ballpark every day, and on the way home he stops and talks to people. They all know his root, they all know who he is. If there's a cookout going, he might even stop in and have a hamburger. But most importantly, he's a good pitcher.

How to gain Tim Kurkijan's approval to start game one of the NLDS:

1. Be a free-spirited guy.
2. Play hockey.
3. Skate with NHL hockey teams in the off-season.
4. Have a different look on life than most people Tim Kurkijan knows.
5. Live close to Wrigley Field.
6. Walk to Wrigley Field.
7. Talk to people when you're walking.
8. Eat hamburgers at cookouts while you're walking.
9. Be a good pitcher.

Personally, I think Dempster is a good choice to start game one because of his 152 Adjusted ERA, his .642 OPP OPS, and his 57.5 VORP. But that's just me, Kurkijan's reasons are good too.

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Grif said...

The absolute best part is that his pitching ability is just lumped at the end of the statement as if it barely matters, but needs to be mentioned as an aside.