Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tonight's Project

This excellent blog post from Beyond the Boxscore got me thinking tonight. It is actually pretty offensive how much time the media is spending crediting the Rays' turnaround to a ****ing manager instead of the man who rebuilt the team, Andrew Friedman. I'm not sure if it's an aversion to what is, essentially, "new-fangled" Moneyball stuff, and they don't want to admit it's working, or if it's because they see a baseball guy and think that must be the reason they're winning, or if it's because it's a better story, or if they just really are that clueless. But tonight I'll be watching the game and the pre-game and the post-game, and I'll keep track of how many times they credit Joe Maddon and how many times they credit Andrew Friedman.

And any other nonsense they spout.

UPDATE: I wrote an entire commentary on how TBS chose to suck off Chuck Lamar for a good 15 minutes without once mentioning Friedman, but the internet screwed me.

I will be voting for whichever presidential candidate promises to make the internet more like a big truck.


Goose said...

Funny thing is how it took Chuck LaMar himself to get an Andrew Friedman mention. Heck, they could have given Gerry Hunsicker, Stuart Sternberg or James Click some love mais non! I mean, it's not as though neither LaMar nor Maddon shouldn't get credit but jeez ESPN DID A BETTER JOB!! How sad is that?

Goose said...

And...that happened. :(

Skye said...

Hunsicker! Also, give the Astros some credit -- I guess Purpura -- for contributing such key pieces as Dan Wheeler and Ben Zobrist (lol) and taking ol' Wigginton off their hands to open up 3B for Longoria. Oh, Aubrey Huff, too! Haha. And Brandon Backe.

Dan Wheeler. Secret: I remember when he was blowing saves as our closer while Lidge was demoted. Yep.