Saturday, October 4, 2008

Congratulations are in Order

Here at ATH, we have a policy of being as objective as possible. We do have our teams and we think we should be open about those teams, but the personal rooting should be left to others we think.

So, since Rook can't do it, let me do it for him. Congratulations on getting to see your team do something against the odds that I've never yet had the chance to enjoy!


Rook said...

Thanks, Grif.

I think the worst part about all this is that the further the Dodgers go into the playoffs the more I'm inclined to like Ned Colletti and the moves he made this year. Hopefully, though, the Dodgers don't resign Manny and Laroche tears it up in Pittsburgh next year so that order can be restored to the universe.

Goose said...

Huzzah, Rook!

*hopes he can forgive me for picking the Cubs* :P