Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Live Blog World Series Game 1 Phillies-Rays


Well, I didn't really go anywhere. I took a break from the live blogs but with the World Series starting, I'll be here to put in my two cents. I, or one of my colleagues, hope to add a more convenient live blog system some time soon if not for the World Series some other day.

I know you are all ready. :D

Live Graph!


- I've been waiting to say this: Beautiful weather under the dome!

- Ooo, montage. I'm a sucker for these "through time" pieces. When you add baseball to it and you just sock it to me right there.

- Again, they may not have predicted a playoff spot, let alone a World Series appearance, but a couple of systems did forsee nearly 90 wins from these Rays. Stop saying as though they were going to win 75.

- Mark Grace was not one of those systems. ;)

- Haha, the return of the Taco Bell promo.

- Mini-rant: you know what I can't stand more than anything? Media types who complain about certain teams being in the championship game/series because they aren't sexy enough or they haven't heard of most of the players or the fact that they won't get good enough ratings. Screw them!

- Hmm, I heard that music before. They played that during the '82 World Series recap montage (don't know what I'm talking about? check out Game 7 of the '82 Series on MLB.TV if you have a subscription)

- *stands up*

- The Backstreet Boys are still around? The hell?

- Is this just my TV or does Joe Buck look kind of...pasty?

- Woot, Michael Jack Schmidt! (and he just killed it by mentioning "Ryan Howard" and "MVP" in the sentence without saying "was in 2006")

- Honestly, I did not know the Simpsons were up to TOH 19.

- Keys to the game : WIN! I think most of the ones FOX have could be summed up like that.

- At least the scouting report is decent. Once again, if anyone at the YES Network is watching, that is how you do a scouting report. SCOUT THE PLAYER!! It isn't that hard.

- New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys. Did we get sent to the '90s?

- Um, huh?

- That is why you don't bunt, Chase! (91.9 mph fastball down the middle, 3.8'' break [distance from top of arc and the chord connecting release point and breaking the strike zone], 16.1'' pFX [distance between location of pitch and same pitch thrown with no spin]) 2-0 Phils

- Kashmir? edit: he said it again!

- Camera is that way, Crawford.

- Phillies fans just about had a heart attack right there.

- I know a certain someone who is shocked that Feliz has taken 5 straight pitches (my comrades would know who ;) ).

- Victorino sure wants some of that taco.

- Not a great sequence by Kazmir. Last thing he needed was the bases loaded with Rollins up. If they steal, so what?

- The arm of Bossman Junior strikes!

- MLB Network, FTW!

- Before I was enlightened to the fact that making a huge deal about small sample sizes is a fool's errand, I got googlyeyed with Willy Aybar's cup of coffee for the Dodgers. Though he hasn't come close to matching that, he seems to be a pretty solid player.

- Stop denying us free tacos!!

- The mother of all holes, ladies and gentelmen.

- In the bottom of the third in the 3rd inning, FOX has mentioned Sternberg and Friedman more often than TBS did their entire postseason broadcast schedule.

- Bases loaded for teh Bossman. GIDP again for teh Bossman.

- A low forehand lob from Feliz. Oops, wrong sport. 0_o

- 3-nil Phils on the groundout. *smacks self again*

- I wish those were box seats so I can make an apropos joke there. ;)

- "You reach it with your arms and not your legs." Quoi?

- That was awful even by your standards, Tim. "Ray-naissance man"?

- Famous instance of people getting out of the way on a timeout: '93 World Series Game 6 when time was called and Rickey, Darren Daulton, and the ump all got out of the way as if Mitch Williams were about to throw a grenade.

- So it has nothing to do with Myers but there's a dropoff between Hamels and the rest of the staff? That does kind of imply an indictment on Myers, et al.

- FREE TACOS!!!! probably not going to get any but I just like saying "taco".

- Aki in the gap. 3-2 Phils

- LOOK AT HIM GLIDE!! Sorry. *blush*

- Clank by Howard followed by redemption on the throw to pick off Pena.

- Looks as though Longoria has legitimate beef (according to Pitch F/X). I'll have to re-check to see if Welke has been calling that pitch all night.

- Lefties make Howard cringe. :/ Interesting that his platoon split has gotten more lopsided over time. (edit: since he played a full season in '06: Howard v. Lefties)

- Bowl cut alert!

- Heh, a slider and a curve from Balfour that inning. Sometimes, it seems to slip under the radar whenever he throws one.

- Sick stuff from Madson. Upton had a decent pitch to drive on 0-1 but nearly screwed himself into the ground.

- Time for TEH LOOGY!!

- Lidge vs. TB's 3-4-5 hitters. Should be fun to watch. :D

- Lidge ownership. Phillies lead the series 1-0. Join us for Game 2.


Grif said...

I'm pulling for Taco Belldelli.

Goose said...

The unfortunate part is that it's unlikely that they would have him pinch run for someone. :(

Grif said...

Why run on BJ Upton?

Goose said...

I'm still wondering who the hell "Kashmir" is.

*smacks those who want to be smart*

Goose said...


Hehe, plop job.

Grif said...

Jason Bartlett may not have deserved to be the Rays' MVP, but he sure is mine.

Rook said...

Another stolen base. When do we get those free tacos this year?

Goose said...

October 28th from 2-6 pm (local time).