Monday, September 29, 2008

Why are media people always so easily surprised?

Tony Kornheiser (fish in a barrel, etc.) is on Monday Night Football talking about how surprising the Ravens would be tonight if they go to 3-0 with three division wins.

Now, see, if I head over to Football Outsiders I see their pre-season projections, and their system -- which I'm sure is more accurate than Tony Kornheiser's bunion -- projected. . .

What's this? The Baltimore Ravens to win the AFC North? My goodness! How shocking!

FO works closely with ESPN. This is a major publication with a well noted NFL projection system. They projected the Ravens to win the the division. Agree with that projection or not, if your job is to follow and comment on football, especially if you work for ESPN -- again, a partner of Football Outsiders -- then you have only two excuses for being surprised by the concept of the Ravens perhaps leading their division:

1) You are a brain-dead clueless idiot who doesn't pay any attention to anything about the NFL or any quality source for discussing the NFL, yet somehow you keep your job.

2) You are Tony Kornheiser.

Yeah, I fooled you. They're the same thing.

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