Thursday, October 23, 2008

Live Blog World Series Game 2 Phillies-Rays

Welcome to Game 2 of the World Series. Brett Myers and James Shields are the pitchers. More "goodness" from Joe and Tim.


Live Graph

- Hmm, I think I've seen this before.

- Good to see Mark Grace get the "overuse 'must-win'" memo.

- Nice rendition by Los Lonely Boys on the anthem

- Hey, it's Dallas Green. I remember when he was the manager for the Mets. My grandfather (RIP) used to talk so much crap about him, lol.

- Diving into a pool with Christie Brinkley = WIN!

- And Joe calls out Timmy for his Captain Obviousness. :)

- Jonny "Zangief" Gomes with the microphone. Neat.

- Pretty nice play by Longoria. Fine scoop by Pena. Should be interesting to see if Longoria can limit some of the sketchy throws he's had since he came back from his wrist injury.

- "1 of top 5 curves" in the game. Not that I'm disagreeing with it but says who?

- Rays drive in two with consecutive RBI groundouts. 2-0 Rays. Howard prevents Crawford reaching on a hard hit groundball.

- Why does Bob Melvin sound like Boomhauer from "King of the Hill" in those ads?

- Bad read by Upton on that ball. It would have been tough to get it on a good read given his position and the speed of the ball off the bat.

- The called third strike looks so bad even if it's just a matter of taking a tough pitch.

- Feliz with a bit of misfortune on the line drive.

- Good positioning from Jimmy...bad attempt at a joke by Timmy

- Um, huh? Did Danley change his mind or am I missing something? Also, where is the side view?

- Another opposite field single for Upton. Good throw from Werth to nail Baldelli. 3-0 TB

- More fail by the Phillies with runners on as well as good pitching from Shields.

- Sorry about that delay. I'm trying to following the IndyCar Series online ( Of course, when you have Gameday and two flash players for timing and scoring and streaming, this can happen.


- Great play by Baldelli on the throw. Werth drifted just a bit too far on a play right in front of him.

- Good job by Myers and Ruiz to exploit that hole of Longoria's.

- Floyd showing off that blazing speed. Still out by a couple of steps.

- Phillies fans, turn away!

- Even though they've gotten 4 runs off of Myers, the Rays haven't exactly stressed him out in this game.

- As far as the issue of African-Americans in baseball, I would think that expanding and revising the draft, in addition to establishing more academies, would help in that regard.

- I know that I mentioned Howard's struggles against lefties this year. Even so, I would not go as far as to warrant a platoon.

- Endurable is a word, huh? Good to know. :) (this is a sincere note if you thought otherwise)

- Another Friedman mention.

- side rant: I just love how mom just says "that's it" for no reason whatsoever. It's like having another Tim or Joe in your household.

- For some reason, that whole exchange sounded like something from "Major League".

- Price is trying to go bullpen ace on these Phils.

- Ruiz again!

- Hmm, that did look like a brush of the jersey. Costs them a baserunner as Rollins pops out.

- Howard grounds out to end this. 1-all as it goes to Philly.


Grif said...

Bullpen Ace FTW

Skye said...

Eric Bruntlett! Who'd a thought.