Sunday, October 19, 2008

Steve Phillips Quickie

From Sports Center a moment ago:

"Evan Longoria had the game winning RBI in the All-Star game and that's why [the Rays] have homefield advantage in the World Series."

Exactly none of that is true, Steve Phillips, and if you don't watch it, some angry Rangers fan who has very few things to be happy about in life and thus takes pride in the fact that his team always finds a way to involve a player in the decisive moment of a mid-season exhibition game is going to call you on it.


Skye said...

"Steve Phillips quickie" sounds awful, just so you know. That's totally innuendo.

Grif said...

I had your interests in mind, Skye.

Goose said...

Funny moment during the Web Gems special yesterday:

Phillips was disagreeing with the other panelists (Ravech, Vina, Kruk) on the top Web Gems at each position. After the third group of Gems, Ravech said of Steve, "See what we have to deal with everyday." After that, they didn't even bother going to him for his opinion.