Sunday, October 19, 2008

But can Brad Pitt hock cars?

One of the first things I thought of with yesterday's exciting announcement that Brad Pitt might play Billy Beane in Moneyball: the Epic Motion Picture Event of the Century was this:

I feel like for those of us hardcore Moneyball fans out there Pitt should reenact this commercial to show us what he can do. How close can he come to this dramatic character?

Now THAT is the best looking and smartest GM in baseball (just ask the Mets' secretary). It's a good thing the Beane Counter isn't playing himself, eh?

P.S. Scroll past this and look at Rook's LVP post. Look at that formatting!


Skye said...

Dude, he's doing the Obama hands! (Formerly known as the Kerry hands.)

I dunno, I think I gotta put Theo ahead of Billy as sexiest GM in baseball. I mean, he DOES have a couple WS rings.

Skye said...

Wait, who could Alyssa Milano play?

Grif said...

Wow. They need to, like, make his ex-wife much more important in the movie than she was in the book. What other woman are you gonna have? The Mets' secretary?

Milano could play her.