Thursday, April 16, 2009

What Year Is It?

Bob Costas is doing the play-by-play on MLB Network right now for the Indians/Yankees game. I'm confused, because it automatically makes me feel like the game holds a significant amount of importance, like it's the playoffs or something. It also makes me feel like it's 1998.

Weird... Kinda cool, though.


Rook said...

Wow... Costas just spent five minutes talking with his color commentators about steroids and the disgraceful "steroid era."

Now it feels like it's 2004. I'm starting to remember why I don't like Costas as much as I used to.

Grif said...

I missed that.


Goose said...

I prefer thinking about 1998 than 2004, thank you.

Skye said...

When I hear Costas' voice I think I'm watching the Olympics.

Every single time.