Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Did That Just Happen?

I really like Matt Vasgersian as a PBP guy. He's usually bright, speaks well, and keeps a game from being boring or brain-dead. So he's not usually the type of "bad sports journalism" that we tend to go after here, but, in the words of George Oscar Bluth: come on!

For when this video comes down, after the chilling footage of Brad Hawpe being taken off the field following an errant throw that landed on his head, Vasgersian tries to ease the awkward segue. . . and fails miserably. His response? Interrupting Mitch Williams's statement that you, "never like to see that," by asking if the EMT working on the situation is Donovan McNabb. Vasgersian is then reminded by his producer that he's live. As Billy Ripken says in appropriate response: "Dude. What's wrong with you?"

For whatever it's worth, Vasgersian showed up in the Kissing Suzy Kolber comments section to offer this statement:

I am an idiot .. Save the racial stuff which is just flat out wrong, almost all of what has been posted on my regrettably horrific timing is spot on .. It was a bad decision made on live tv and i can absolutely understand how that make an announcer sound insensitive. Bad on the spot judgment. Nobody feels worse about it than I do guys.


Anonymous said...

heh, guy looked a little like McNabb... Best Matt V. moment: (To St. Louis Fans)"Get back in your El Camino and drive back to the ozarks..."

Rook said...

I feel very awkward just watching that.