Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DePo Gets Cast

In our ongoing attempt to be your Entertainment Weekly of films based on sports books based on a geeky culture, we have a Moneyball: the Movie update.

According to Variety, Billy Beane's wunderkind assistant has finally been cast.

Who is our useless computer geek who says stupid things like, "maybe we should look in to this Youkilis character?"

Demetri Martin?

So, I've never heard of Demetri Martin. I don't know a thing about him. I've never even seen his face before. Apparently he's from Comedy Central, which doesn't match the DePodesta in the book, but it does match the DePodesta in real life.

In any case, I want to combine my amatuer baseball analysis with my amatuer film affection in to an interpretation of what this will mean for the film, but I don't have any sort of base of knowledge by which to postulate here.

So, instead, here are nine minutes of Paul DePodesta live on stage:

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