Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To Anyone Confused About Yesterday

With April 1st now come and gone, I thought I would put down an explanation of yesterday's post.

I first read the Curious Case of Sidd Finch in a Best of Sports Illustrated book I had as a kid. At first I believed it and wanted to know where this man had gone. Then I figured out it was a joke a long time later (you must remember, Wikipedia didn't exist then) when SI ran a little piece on it. It has since earned a place in my heart as one of the greatest pieces of sports literature ever put to paper.

With April 1st around the corner this year, I decided to make a playful homage to the article in a contemporary setting using my own favorite team. After doing so, another Rangers fan told me how I could take it from playful homage to hilarious in joke: make it about Neftali Perez.

To those who follow the Rangers, Neftali Perez is a legend. We hear writers and announcers for other teams rave about him constantly and how great a pitcher he is. How his arm is going to single-handedly turn the team around.

Making him even more amazing is this: no one has ever seen Neftali Perez. There's a Rangers prospect named Neftali Feliz who gets a lot of hype, but no Perez. So, in Rangers circles, the enigmatic Perez has become a figure of legend.

I hate explaining jokes, but I understand my piece of whimsy yesterday may have gone over more than a few heads. You may now laugh.

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