Thursday, April 2, 2009

ATH Bracket Challenge: Final Four Update

So with the Final Four this weekend, here's a little look at how we've all done, with nifty graphics. Click the pictures for a full view of every bracket.

First thing you should know: we all suck.


Matt's doing pretty well, leading the group with 45 correct picks and 88 points (19 ahead of second place); though he's second by a small margin in potential points remaining. He got half his Final Four correct, but he's hurt by his champ, Louisville, getting eliminated in the Elite Eight.

If North Carolina loses -- even though he has them in the title game -- Matt wins.


Goose solidly going in to the Elite Eight (5/8, one Final Four team lost). Then, in two days, his bracket fell apart, losing his entire remaining Final Four in those games.

He did well enough through the early rounds he could still finish second, but he doesn't have a chance to move beyond that anymore. That's rough.


The only games that matter for ATH are games involving North Carolina. Grif is in third, despite a historically bad showing getting just one of his Final Four correct. He is the only person whose champ is still alive, so if North Carolina wins it all, Grif wins the Challenge of Fail. If UNC beats Villanova, he clinches second. If they lose, the standings are set with Matt in first, Goose in second, Grif in third and. . .


Skye actually did the best in the opening weekend, but lost advancing teams at a high rate. She lost Final Four cinderellas Maryland and Texas in the second round, and the rest of her F4 was eliminated in the Elite Eight. With no teams still playing, she's doomed to last.

We should all bury this and pretend it never happened.

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