Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gotta Look Out For Them Former Phillies!

Mitch Williams of the esteemed "MLB Network" just said, and I quote, "Bobby's (Abreu) not a bad outfielder."

-Abreu's UZR last three years-
2006: -14.4
2007: -2.8
2008: -25.6

-Fielding Bible's Plus/Minus last three years-
2006-2008: -52

That -52 over the last three years is good for fourth worst among all MLB right fielders. It's barely better than Adam Dunn and more than twice as bad as Ken Griffey Jr., who I'm pretty sure hasn't been able to sprint since 2001.

Bobby Abreu is many things, a bad outfielder is certainly one of them.


Rook said...

Mitch Williams also just said, rather angrily mind you, that your best hitter should always be batting third in the lineup.

Grif said...

Did you know one of those many things he is is, like, 9 home runs from the 300/300 club?

I found that out yesterday. If Andre Dawson gets in to the Hall of Fame. . .

Goose said...

Bobby doesn't have a cool nickname like "Hawk". What would be a good one for Bob Kelly? Perhaps "Magnet" in a sort of "Tiny" for big guys ironic fashion?

Heh, Mitch just said that Jacobs can hit lefties and righties. Yup, that .236/.277/.412 with a 15/96 BB/K ratio against lefties just shouts "proficiency"!

Skye said...

I think you mean "Phormer" Phillies.