Friday, September 26, 2008

The Coolest Thing I Have Ever Seen

Ladies and gentlement, I give you: the A-11 Offense.

Is this not awesome? It's always bothered me that there's so much flexibility in football, but some teams choose to play every game in some basic formation with no originality. Every revolution in football starts in high school or with low tier college programs. I would be so happy if an evolution of this made it to the top levels of the game some day.

Seriously. I'm in awe of the genius of what I'm seeing. This, for me, is the best "yes!" moment I've had in sports since reading Moneyball.


Rook said...

This right here is what makes football great. Sure, Moneyball had the impact on baseball in the way that people viewed the game, but this could potentially have an even greater impact for football in how they PLAY the game.


Grif said...

I'm sure it's an illegal procedure in the NFL, but not college. And it could certainly inspire NFL offenses in some ways if it makes that level.