Thursday, September 11, 2008

ESPN Poll Stupidity: Part I

Outside the Lines asks: Who is your pick for NL MVP?

Lance Berkman
Carlos Delgado
Albert Pujols
Manny Ramirez
C.C. Sabathia

Wow... What's even more depressing are the results. Sabathia is currently leading, with Pujols close behind and Delgado in third--and Lance Berkman in last! Obviously this could soon change, but as of the first 14,500 votes that's where we stand.

How much you wanna bet that almost every single person that voted for Sabathia believes that he should win the MVP but not the Cy Young? I'd say 99%

Why does the MLB even play the first three months of the season? Because according to this poll--as well as an increasingly large number of media outlets--it is completely unnecessary.


Skye said...

Big Puma should win, of course. His little fanclub is more awesome than any other fanclub (even CJ Wilson says so), he has an awesome song, and he's swift, agile, and powerful.

I mean come ON, people.

Danno said...

Delgado in the top 5? Gee, I wonder where we first saw that mentioned? :)

Goose said...

My guess is that they did not consult Jonah Keri or Rob Neyer for that list. Just going out on a limb. :P

Rook said...

Danno, if you were strictly trying to predict that Delgado would be an MVP candidate this late in the year, and not also endorsing him, I would think you're a genius.

Since you're also endorsing him, though, it's hard for me to admit that.

Skye said...

Just because a bunch of other people start saying the same stupid thing doesn't mean it's all of the sudden a smart thing to say. It just means there are a lot of other people saying the same stupid thing.

Truth is not defined by majority rule.

Danno said...

Skye, my post was a good-natured jab after taking much abuse over this. No need to debate with you if I'm going to be called stupid for having an opinion.

Rook said...

To be fair, she didn't call you stupid. She simply said that the popular opinion which you and many others hold are stupid.

You can have a stupid opinion without actually being stupid.

Skye said...