Sunday, September 14, 2008

The More Important the Play, the More Important Your Gut

With under two minutes go go and San Francisco inside the 10 yard line trailing 17-6 game, Seattle's Deion Grant picked off a J.T. O'Sullivan pass to seemingly end the scoring threat.

BUT WAIT! There was a flag for pass interference, and the play was eventually overturned.

First, however, the referees got together to firmly make sure this most impactful of calls was made correctly. Makes sense, right? This is a game-changing situation, it's good that the refs make sure they get it right. Correct?

Not according to Darryl Johnson, who cried out that, "this is too much discussion for a play this critical!"

Wait. . .

. . . HUH?!

No, Moose. That's exactly why there should be MORE discussion. Because the play was INCREDIBLY critical. If it's MORE critical than it's LESS important to get it right?

Too many concussions, big boy?

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