Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Since We're on the Subject

It seems that recently there's been a lot of MVP/Cy Young award talk going on, which makes sense as the season starts winding down; so I thought it'd be good to just let it be known what a few of ATH's picks are at this point. I'm fairly confident we all share the same opinions (having discussed this quite a few times), but I'm sure anyone who disagrees will let it be known soon enough. Here we go!

A.L. Cy Young

Cliff Lee

N.L. Cy Young

Tim Lincecum


Cliff Lee (Again)


Albert Pujols

Now, how many of these guys will actually win is another question. At this point, I'd say Lee will most likely win the AL Cy Young, but have no chance at the MVP (although he should). Lincecum has a decent shot at the NL Cy Young, but if Webb has even an okay September with 3-4 more wins I could see the voters easily giving it to him. Pujols, even though this should be one of the easier decisions, is probably a close call. He doesn't seem to be getting nearly as much recognition as he should and if his team falls out of the playoff race I could easily see it going to a David Wright, Chase Utley, Ryan Braun, or even a *gasp* Carlos Delgado. None of them should win it, but I could see the voters going that way.

There really wasn't any point to this post other than attempting to lay our picks out for scrutiny just as much as others.

One more month!


Goose said...

I was switching between games on MLB.TV and during the Angels-Tigers game, they put up their AL Cy contenders. Somehow, they put K-Rod AHEAD of Roy Halladay. Then add putting Matsuzaka and his 140 innings pitched and so-so K/BB ratio with decent K rate ahead some other starters and relievers.

Goose said...

*As far as relievers, if they are going to include K-Rod, they might as well put added Soria, Nathan, and Rivera to the mix of which all have a better case. BUT THE SAVEZ!11!1

Skye said...

I hate K-Rod more than any other player in baseball. I hate the Angels more than any other team in baseball. Some of his saves are like, one-pitch dealies, when the pitcher before him gets the win and even though he's got a couple more outs in him, they bring in K-Rod to get the "save."

I hate the save stat more than any other stat in baseball (yes, more than the error).

Wittle Timmy Lincecum should win the NL Cy Young, hands down. Anything else is a robbery.