Monday, February 2, 2009

The Heyman Cometh!

It's a few days late but I feel inspired to do a little humbling from miles away. Let's get a taste of Jon Heyman's Daily Scoop:
The stunning thing about this free-agent market isn't that there are still about 100 players without jobs, it's that at least a dozen of the unemployed are excellent players in their prime.

It sounds like you have done your homework on this. I'm intrigued. Tell me more!
A dynamic lineup could be constructed with outfielders Bobby Abreu, Adam Dunn and Garret Anderson, second baseman Orlando Hudson, shortstop Orlando Cabrera, third baseman Joe Crede and catcher Jason Varitek joining Ramirez. A very solid rotation would be formed with Oliver Perez, Ben Sheets, Randy Wolf, Jon Garland (EDITOR'S NOTE: Garland agreed to a deal with Arizona after press time) and Braden Looper. And Juan Cruz, one of the best set-up men in baseball, remains available, as well. If you play Dunn at first, all that's missing are a center fielder and a closer.

Ignoring the fact that you're only 11 spots short of a 25-man roster, I say that's not a bad collection you have. Quite flawed (poor defense, injury concerns, mediocre peripherals, etc) but OK. That said, I don't know if I consider the majority of those guys in their prime. Heck, the guys in their primes don't shout "breakout". More like 2 WAR (wins above replacement) additives, useful but not worth big bucks.
Beyond all the current stars, there are several Hall-of-Famers-to-be with their hands out. Some think Jeff Kent's retirement was hastened by this awful market. Kenny Rogers looks likely to call it quits, and others might, too.

While I agree that Jeff Kent will be a HOFer and is deserving of that(although one person whose opinion I respect makes me less sure of that), how in the world does a guy with a career FIP (fielding indepedent pitching on an ERA scale) of 4.38 like the Gambler have a plaque in his future?
There doesn't seem to be a lot of action on all-time great Ken Griffey Jr., or for that matter, sure Hall of Famer Frank Thomas. Pedro Martinez, Tom Glavine, Moises Alou, Ivan Rodriguez and Nomar Garciaparra are among other former greats still available. It's like a Who's Who of 1990s baseball out there.

Yup, more guys in their "prime". How far are you willing to stretch things, Jon?
2. Bobby Abreu. He is one of three players in history with a .400 on-base percentage, 300 steals and 200 home runs (Barry Bonds and Rickey Henderson are the others) and one of three with 100 RBIs in each of the last three years (Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols are the others), yet for some reason Raul Ibanez, whose numbers aren't even in Abreu's ballpark, was the more popular pick this winter

Congrats, Abreu! You've gone from underrated to overrated. No wonder you're frozen out.
Also, shouldn't the Ibanez signing be an indictment of the GM who signed him?
8. Garret Anderson. Here's another terrific hitter caught in a nightmare of a hitting market. He's been among the more productive outfielders in the AL over the last several years, and while he has seemingly been around forever, he's still only 36.

Beyond the Boxscore put it best. Terrific? If you are just talking about RBI and batting average, then yes.

Given what you've mentioned before, I'm betting you realize that there's more than that. Heck, you don't even have to get into your dreaded VORP!

Oh yeah, once again, 36 is not "in his prime".
9. Joe Crede. He's said to have a clean bill of health, though past back trouble obviously is worrisome to some. The Giants, Twins and Rangers have shown interest.

One of these teams is not like the other. One of these teams just doesn't belong.

I'm sorry, but I can't accept this work. Please redo.


Grif said...

It's quite clear Heyman is just a stooge for Scott Boras. He's his own little Admiral Piett (get it? get it?). That crap makes me so livid I might just make a second post on this article instead of leaving this in the comments.

But he's continually stirring up stories about Boras clients (Rangers interested in Manny), and overrating Boras clients (terrific hitting Garret Anderson). Hell, he even overrates FORMER Boras Clients (Kenny Rogers: Hall of Famer).

Great write up, Goose. You did a better job than my lazy ass would have.

Donnell said...

First time visitor. Heard about your blog from a comment at Amazin' Avenue. I like your style, effort, and attention to detail on this post. Great job!!

Grif said...

Howdy, Donnell.

We got lazy over the holidays and then stayed lazy, but we're working on getting back in to regular posting.

Goose said...

Thank you, Donnell. I appreciate that.

Grif, ever since that VORP piece, Heyman has been a particular thorn in my side. The times he doesn't stooge for Boras, he's a decent scooper. It's when he tries to analyze and blatantly stir stuff up, you get this work from me. :P