Sunday, January 25, 2009

Memo to the Tennis Commentators on ESPN...

It would be very helpful if you got the proper pronunciation of player names BEFORE you go on air. There's no need to spend half of a set discussing that!

From your pal, Goose (long "o", pronounce the "e" like "ay").


Grif said...

Have I really been pronouncing your name wrong all this time?

marcos alazraki said...

Why don't you drop the "unforced" word altogether? If you call "winners" why not "loosers". Afraid to offend the players? Being 'politically correct'?
Sometimes you use 'forehand errors'. Why not use only the word 'errors' for all calls.
After all if you call some 'unforced errors', which are the 'forced errors'?
Honestly, don't we all know that the only 'unforced error' is the double fault? Who is to say that the other errors are no 'forced', once the ball has been returned after the service.
And another. Why not to call only 'aces' and drop 'service winner'. In the final analysis the result is the same, the service was not returned to continue playing the point.