Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Admiral Piett Update

This has to stop.

John Heyman is just systematically linking every player represented by his lord and master, Scott Boras, to the Rangers. No matter how little sense it makes.

The insanity of this starts from the damn headline:
Rangers emerge as suitor for Andruw

No they haven't.

His argument hinges on the Rangers having announced that Josh Hamilton will be moving to right field, but Jon Daniels has already come out and said that is in the future, not the present. Way to do your homework, John!

Heyman is getting appalling. He's not even waiting for rumors anymore, he's creating them himself before hand. He's attaching players to teams with his own headlines because Scott Boras tells him to. And he's not even keeping up with those teams. He's fully become a mouth for Boras and a lazy writer who does not even follow baseball.

How does this man actually have a job?

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