Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Has to Be Said One More Time...

Just because you think that there's much to be gained by studying the game of baseball in an objective way doesn't mean that you think the game should be played on a computer or that you hate baseball or that you don't watch baseball. It also does not mean that you oppose scouting information. I just find this notion absolutely ridiculous.

After watching tonight's episode of "MLB Tonight", I seethed. Now, there are many more things in this world to get worked up over (trust me, I do) but I just feel as though this notion of sabermetrics as some scourge upon the game. When someone, I'm looking at you, Mr. Reynolds, says that "stats are ridiculous", please be careful. You may not give a damn about exact park factors or what have you but I'm betting that the scout who discovered you projected how you would do by some kind of statistical profile. Perhaps I'm speaking more out of emotion (wait, someone into sabermetrics showing emotion? NEVER!!) but I really would hope the most vociferous of those who don't care for every little detail that is analyzed to step back and understand that regardless of how we look at the game, we are all fans. It has, in no way, ruined my love of the game and even before I heard of VORP or wOBA, I loved nothing more than spending hours upon hours watching that beautiful game. Right now, I'm watching Ken Burns's Baseball. There's nary a mention of some new stat. You know what, I just love it.

In the mean time, I'll take my amateur scouting and statistical eye (not to mention a dash of game theory, biomechanics, economics and psychology) and enjoy the great game without someone trying to pigeon hole me or assume a choice.

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