Monday, January 12, 2009

MLB Network

You've probably all heard of the MLB Network right now. I was a little skeptical at first, but it turns out it's a pretty cool and interesting show. They have little features such as "Dodger Blue" which tracks the Dodgers World Series Championships, and play rare, historic games such as Don Larson's perfect game. All that stuff is great, the "expert analysts" on the other hand... Well, here's what Jon Heyman had to say regarding Bert Blyleven and the Hall of Fame:

Bert Blyleven doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame... It's not about stats, it's about impact. He made only two All-Star teams, he won more than 17 games only one time. To me, he's a compiler, and not quite to the level of Don Sutton.

I like how he says it's not about stats, and then proceeds to mention how Blyleven only won more than 17 games once in his career. I hate to break it to you, Jon, but wins for a pitcher are a FUCKIN STAT! In fact, it's probably the worst tool for evaluation in all the game of baseball. I'm not a big fan of using "compiling" statistics, but I'll play this game. Blyleven compiled 64 more complete games, 127 more strikeouts, and two more shutouts than Don Sutton--all while throwing in 312 fewer innings. I really don't understand how people can say Sutton is deserving and Blyleven--who was better in virtually every way--is not.

Heyman continued the sentiment "it's not about stats" in reference to his support for Andre Dawson, Jack Morris, and Jim Rice as well. Whatever. If nothing else, this provides more hilarity (albeit frustraion, too) throughout the offseason.

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