Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pithy Title

My resolution is to blog more. At some point after the holidays settled down, I got the mother of all colds.

So right now I'm drugged out of my mind and sick, so I still don't have much to write, and this won't be that interesting.

But Harold Reynolds just told me that Jack Morris belongs in the Hall of Fame because he was fine giving up a run or two. That he was a man, and that's what people today don't understand.

"If the game was 7-1 and he was winning, he'd say 'here, hit it.' That's how the game is supposed to be played."

Would someone like to make sense of that for me?

(And also edit this post.)


Rook said...

I believe what Harold is trying to say--and I think we can all agree--is that pitchers nowadays focus far too much on allowing the fewest amount of runs possible, independent of the score.

The score should be the main focus, with the goal of actually getting outs being a distant secondary.

Skye said...

Oh! I know! Remember when the Rangers beat the Orioles 30-3 and a Ranger got to third on an error .... and stayed at third?

That was "classy" and that's how "the game is meant to be played."

It's classy to let the other team feel like they have a chance. Brad Lidge 2005-2007 = the classiest player in baseball.

Goose said...

Colby Lewis (career 6.71 ERA, 5.65 FIP): the essence of manhood and class!