Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Heart Peter Gammons

Why so few NL MVP votes for Hanley Ramirez?

It's not as if the Marlins existed in another universe; their 84-77 record was a half-game better than the Dodgers', and they did it in the best division in the National League -- the division with the world champions.

Albert Pujols deserved the Most Valuable Player Award. This is not to question anyone's vote for Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Manny Ramirez or Lance Berkman.
But Hanley Ramirez 11th? Only Pujols and Berkman had more runs created. His OPS of .940 was the best of any NL middle infielder, better than Utley's .915.
Ramirez's job wasn't to drive in runs -- it was to create them. He reached base 40 percent of the time, hit 33 homers, stole 35 bases and led the league with 125 runs.
And he did it with average defensive skills at a critical defensive position.

Runs Created. OPS. OBP-reference. Value of position.

Here's to Mr. Gammons living forever.


Grif said...

Also, "average defensive skills" is awesome. He's not a slave to the "HE'S A BUTCHER AND IT'S NOT POSSIBLE TO GET BETTER" MO and it suggests he looked at something like *gasp* plus/minus!

This is awesome!

Goose said...

I'm betting Jon Heyman never called him a VORPie.