Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today, the single greatest blog of all time called it quits.

It truly is a sad day. Bad sports journalism must now find a new place to die. In honor of FJM, the writers here at ATH will now dedicate their time to providing non-stop satirical scrutiny to all sports stories everywhere. If you're a regular reader, this news will probably disappoint you because it means we will no longer be providing in-depth, philosophical views and analysis on Descartes' cartesian dualism and whether or not it is admissible to look inside the metaphysical box. Our political views and insights on things such as the state of the economy, war on Iraq, and health care will also be taking a back seat as well. To those loyal readers, I apologize.

R.I.P. FireJoeMorgan


Goose said...

Snark mourns today. Goodbye, FJM. *observes moment of silence*

Grif said...

This is utterly depressing. The fact that now we can rip apart articles (and Joe Chats?) because there's a market to do so is no consolation.

Because I know I'm not ever going to be as clever as Cousin Mose.

Rook said...

In all seriousness, this really is very, very sad. I honestly am getting depressed the more I think about it. Were it not for those guys I probably wouldn't view baseball and statistical analysis the way I do today.

For those who haven't already, I strongly encourage you to go back and read every single post by FJM, ever. You will not be disappointed.

Skye said...

The first FJM post I read. Or the one that hooked me. Whatever. Point is, Zito is one damaged dude.

Was that the point?

No. I will miss that website.

Grif said...

How has no one said "Sad Day for VORPies" yet?