Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Trails, Moose

Mike Mussina is officially retired from Major League Baseball. Let us all hope and pray that the BBWAA continues their current string of intelligence five years from now and inducts this man into the Hall of Fame. Please do not penalize him for failing to collect two more wins per year (300+) and/or eleven more strikeouts per year (3,000+). Not many guys have the perspective to hang it up at the right time, but Mussina would seem to be the rare exception. Congratulations, Mike. Godspeed.

As for the Yankees: you just lost your best pitcher from the 2008 season--who happened to be a 39 year-old. Good luck, Hank!

1 comment:

Skye said...

I will miss his sarcastic comments about how everyone around him is stupid.

<3 Moose. (comebackandbroadcast,plz?!)