Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Giving Credit Where It's Due

We spend a lot of time -- and rightfully so -- ragging on the likes of ESPN here, so I think it's only fair when we point out the good things they do.

This 23 hours of college basketball thing is absolutely awesome. I was up late because of the rats in my mother's basement having a party, so I was trying to find something on TV. And there, at two in the morning, was Idaho State @ Hawaii. It was awesome. Not because the teams were that good (they went to OT 53-53 and not because of good defense), but just because it was two in the morning and I was watching live college basketball.

It was spectacular. No matter how many times I was offended by watching someone take a highly contested three 10 seconds in to the shot clock.

Anyway, way to go, ESPN. You do this next year, maybe I'll live blog it. The whole thing. Giggidy giggidy!

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Goose said...

I'd pay to see that Live Blog epicness. :)