Monday, November 2, 2009

Derek Jeter Wins AL Cy Young

"Derek Jeter wins the Silver Slugger Award for every position, including DH."

"Derek Jeter wins Rookie of the Year in his 15th major league season."

"Derek Jeter wins NL Manager of the Year."

"Derek Jeter wins futuristic Career Clutch Performer Award"

Notice that he didn't win MVP? Apparently that's the only award he can't win, which makes little sense when you consider the infinite amount of tangible intangibles (yeah, his intangibles are THAT valuable) this guy brings to the table each and every day. It's a twisted universe we live in. Okay, so he only won the Hank Aaron Award, but it's still a travesty nonetheless. This man--if you can even call him that, more like a king, or god-- has now won this award twice. It is supposed to go to the best offensive player in each league. Joe Mauer, Mark Teixeira, Miguel Cabrera, Ben Zobrist, and Kevin Youkilis are among those who should be upset--as well as those who are fond of logic.

We've addressed the Hank Aaron Award issue a few times at ATH. Originally I was pissed off about most of the previous winners, then Grif was pissed off about Aramis Ramirez winning, and then I was pissed off again. This could be a very prestigious award if it were done right. Sadly, I do not see that being the case in the foreseeable future, so we will inevitably remain pissed off.

Good day.

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Anonymous said...

Mauer better win the MVP. He got screwed on this one, let's hope he doesn't get screwed again.