Friday, October 2, 2009

2009 Least Valuable Players

I've decided to wait and hand out the final edition of the monthly awards until the conclusion of the regular season for reasons that I'm sure are obvious to all human beings. In the meantime, however, I thought it'd be fun to revisit a segment that gives special recognition to the players who least deserve it. That's right, these are the guys that make us wonder why their managers would continue to write their names on the lineup card day in and day out. They're categorized by position (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OFs, SP, RP) and each hitter was required to have a minimum of 370 plate appearances. These very prestigious awards are only reserved for the ones who continued their (lack of) performance embarrassingly deep into the season.

So, without any further adu, your 2009 LVP's!

C- Dioner Navarro, Tampa Bay Rays
49 OPS+
.255 WOBA
-0.1 WAR

1B- Aubrey Huff, Baltimore Orioles/Detroit Tigers
80 OPS+
.298 WOBA
-3.1 UZR
-1.2 WAR

2B- Luis Valbuena, Cleveland Indians
79 OPS+
.301 WOBA
-5.3 UZR
-0.1 WAR

3B- Garret Atkins, Colorado Rockies
63 OPS+
.283 WOBA
-2.0 UZR
-0.9 WAR

SS- Yuniesky Betancourt, Seattle Marines/Kansas City Royals
65 OPS+
.270 WOBA
-20.7 UZR
-2.1 WAR

OF- Delmon Young, Minnesota Twins
86 OPS+
.297 WOBA
-14.2 UZR
-1.6 WAR

OF- Carlos Quentin, Chicago White Sox
93 OPS+
.331 WOBA
-16.9 UZR
-1.0 WAR

OF- Alfonso Soriano, Chicago Cubs
85 OPS+
.314 WOBA
-12.4 UZR
-0.9 WAR

SP- Braden Looper, Milwaukee Brewers
5.10 ERA
82 ERA+
1.47 WHIP
5.82 FIP
-0.8 WAR

RP- Seth McClung, Milwaukee Brewers
5.10 ERA
83 ERA+
1.63 WHIP
6.12 FIP
-0.9 WAR

Don't give up, guys. Just last year Michael Bourn won an LVP award and he bounced back to have a 4.3 WAR. There's still hope. My apologies to Garret Anderson, Jeff Francoeur, Emilio Bonifacio, Jeff Suppan, Chris Volstad and countless others. Perhaps you can make it all the way to the top (or bottom) next season!


Goose said...

I was hoping to see a Betancourt swinging at a pitch a foot off the plate pic. Alas, it's just a bunt attempt. Still, those are epic choices for the pictures.

Rook said...

I searched high and low for pics that accurately symbolized these guys' (lack of) greatness. Sadly, the task was pretty difficult--and only somewhat successful. Apparently photographers don't care much to take a lot of pictures of players that are downright awful.

Maybe next year we can get some better ones (**fingers crossed**).