Monday, April 5, 2010

Unidentified Scout Should Be Unemployed

According to an anonymous scout:

"Andre Ethier plays right field better than Matt Kemp plays center."


2.5 UZR
-16.2 UZR

Among 63 eligible outfielders, Andre Ethier ranked 58th.

I love Why the hell is Padilla starting opening day?

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Paul said...

In fairness, it was Ethier -13.5 and Kemp 3.1.

Also going off of just one year is still susceptible to sample size caveats.

Looking from 2007-2010, it's

Ethier -28.9
Kemp -19.7

suggesting that neither are all that great. 2.5 months of data is REALLY susceptible to sample size caveats, but I would be better out in center than Kemp so far this season.

It's that damn Rihanna, I know it! :)