Friday, January 29, 2010

ESPNew York

Such a website actually exists, but there is actually an meant to be for all sports fans.

On this, you'll find an excellent ranking of every farm system in baseball by resident basement dweller, Keith Law.

On the MLB page (again, this is not ESPN New York), you'll find that article linked to with this summary:
Law: Mets' Farm System Better than Yankees

Inside the article, you'll find roughly equal time given to every team in baseball, with short, informative blurbs on each organization and why they are or are not good. The title of the article inside mentions the still-loadedness of the Rangers' farm system, which is relevant since the Rangers are #1 on his list. You will find a short mention, for sake of example, of the Athletics in the introduction to the rankings. These are the only teams given slightly more notice. There is no mention of how the Mets compare to the Yankees, as this has very little, if anything, to do with Law's article.

So, yeah, I would guess this is a good example of how to summarize an article. ESPN really captured the essence of the piece and truly put to rest cries of a New York bias.


Anonymous said...

There's an ESPN Boston, Dallas, and Chicago too...

Grif said...

But, Anon, this is not ESPN New York. It's ESPN. Period. Not one of the sub-sites. This is the national one.