Friday, August 7, 2009

Failure Isn't Immune to Broadcasters and Sportswriters

While we here at ATH are proud to bring you sports with a hint of sarcasm at the expense of those covering sports, I thought it would be about time to give you an example of a fan taking failure into his own hands. Don't worry, it looks as though he will make a full recovery. (from theTampa Tribune website):
St. Petersburg authorities are investigating a man's fall at Tropicana Field on Wednesday night as the game between the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox drew to a close.

The man was watching the game from the stadium's third level with his family, and when he boarded an escalator to get to the lower level, he hopped up on the railing and tried to ride it sidesaddle, St. Petersburg Fire & Rescue Lt. Joel Granata said.

If this man ends up suing the Rays for his own stupidity, I hope he spends the next week watching an infinite loop of this year's Home Run Derby.

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