Saturday, July 11, 2009

Franklin Gutierrez Wins Games (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Advanced Defensive Statistics)

Win Probability, UZR, Batting Average on Specific Pitches or hit location, OPS, swinging strike rate. You may have heard some or all of those on baseball broadcasts lately. Given that such mentions aren't yet as commonplace as the triple crown stats or fielding, seeing or hearing such things is quite pleasant. Here's an example of that from the Seattle Mariners broadcast from last night (capture made by Jeff from the blog Lookout Landing in this post):

Too bad .png files aren't made of chocolate or else I'd eat it up.

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Goose said...

For anyone wondering, the D'Backs broadcast made mention of Win Probability during the latter stages of that 14-7 game from Thursday night.

Also, I do remember WP noted during College World Series games a few years back. They should use that more often. It'd certainly fit in ESPN's drive to be more "saber-friendly" in its baseball programming.